Liquid wallpaper: Features of finishing material

Recently, more and more often you can hear about a new variety of wall decoration, namely, about liquid wallpaper.

They appeared relatively recently. But they have already found their admirers.

In fact, this is not a liquid, such wallpapers are a mixture of silk and cotton fibers. Wood bark, mica, gold or silver threads, and sometimes sparkles can be added to them.

The advantages of these wallpapers are that they are hypoallergenic, made of environmentally friendly products (it is not for nothing that adherents of eco -style choose them). They do not accumulate dust, are not toxic and “breathe”. In a word, the ideal option for any apartment.

Liquid wallpaper

A feature of these wallpaper is that they can be replaced in parts. If some section of the wall is polluted, then it is simply changed to a new. You can create whole compositions from pieces of different colors, combining them among themselves.

Such wallpapers are suitable for the kitchen, only then they will need to be covered with several layers of varnish, since the kitchen is always characterized by high humidity, which means that the dust there turns into mud faster. Such a coating will make wallpaper convenient for wall cleaning.

Using such wallpapers is very simple. The finished mixture is poured into a container with warm water and left for about half an hour. Then, the portions of the wallpaper on pre -primed walls are applied with a spatula. The thickness of this type of wallpaper from 0.2 to 0.5 cm.

To make the wallpaper dry faster, you need good ventilation of the room. It is allowed to even arrange draft. On average, wallpaper dries for 2-3 days.

Additional advantages of this material are:

– masking of defects and wall cracks;

– improvement of sound insulation;

– High wear resistance.

Liquid wallpaper is a worthy replacement of the paper overlapping paper.