Liquid stone: where and how they use

Currently, many changes have occurred in the construction market of the Russian Federation. So, technologies are not standing still, but are constantly developing. Some time ago, Russian consumers presented the opportunity. Now they can use the modern technique of concrete coloring, which is called “liquid stone”. With its help, you can transform an unattractive gray surface, make it more attractive, and also give it the appearance of natural stone.

“Liquid Stone” is a modern direction by which the color of the material. This dye penetrates quite strongly into the pores. Since the composition of the substance includes hydrochloric acid, it quickly interacts with the minerals that are in concrete, while they change the shade of the surface. A drawing that turns out in the end is similar to natural stone. At the same time, the depth of penetration reaches four millimeters.

One of the main advantages of this kind of technology is that the coating has a long service life. In addition, the “liquid stone” has a high level of quality. Due to the fact that such a substance is applied to the surface, aggressive media do not affect it. Under the influence of time, concrete does not lose color, does not lose color, and also does not relax.

“Liquid Stone” is used during the manufacture of artificial stone, with decorative design of flooring. Quite often, the technology is used to paint the external surfaces of the structure, ceilings and for facing the inside of the structure. The surface on which such a coating is applied does not lose attractiveness for twenty or more years.

Applied “liquid stone” just like ordinary paint. First you need to prepare the surface, that is, make it dry, clean, as well as as smooth as possible. You can apply the dye only with the help of a brush. It should be borne in mind that after the abilities of hissing, it is impossible to apply paint. After the first layer is applied (it is necessary for about 8 hours), you can apply the second.

There is no special care behind such a surface. So, ordinary warm water is used, as well as detergents that do not contain harmful substances. You need to clean the surface several times a month so that there are no problems.