Liquid nails: what kind of building material is this

Liquid nails have established themselves as a strong, rapidly hardening, resistant to moisture, fungus, corrosion and high temperatures, material that has a lot of variations of its composition, which allows it to be used for various types of work. Liquid nails are carried out on the basis of water or rubber organic solvent. If you plan to buy a frame pool, recommendations from this article can be useful to you in the future, because often cracks appear in the pools.

Water liquid nails have a high content of acrylic latex, which makes it smell somewhat sharp. The composition of this material is safe for human health, but unstable to very low temperatures, so the use of liquid nails on a water basis is impossible to connect metal surfaces. To reduce the time of solidification of this material, it is recommended to warm the glued surfaces before applying it.

The organic basis of liquid nails allows you to withstand temperature changes and makes this material more durable. However, it has high toxicity, which is a direct threat to human health. Therefore, in order to avoid the negative impact of this material, it is worth working with it, only protecting your hands and in a well -ventilated room.

Application of liquid nails is carried out by a pistol with a point method on a low -fat, dry and clean surface. After application, the glued surfaces are immediately tightly pressed against each other and remain in this state until the connecting material is completely dry, the maximum solidification time is 30 minutes.