Linoleum: is it possible to lay it yourself

I am far from a builder in my specialty. But, even in distant Soviet times, life turned so that I was forced to do something, and I got into a construction cooperative. For several months I have been engaged exclusively by laying linoleum. So do not twist, but for the layman in this matter, the experience is quite decent. And for those who suddenly decide to independently perform this procedure at home, I wrote this simple (and current) instruction. And so, you bought linoleum. I’ll say right away – you should not choose something pile, with squares and drawings, etc. D.,since then it will all be very difficult to combine. First, prepare the floor. It is necessary to tear off the baseboard and, if it is, remove the old linoleum, and then select everything thoroughly. The first thing is to roll the roll. Cut into pieces along the length of the room. We turn the front surface down, and leave all this to lie for several days. This action is mandatory. It is necessary that Linoleum stretched, dealt, take his form. We begin to lay. We turn the strips, move and align along the walls of the room. As a rule, the sheets find themselves “in the flash”.Now one of the most important operations is cutting. For this, it is necessary – a square wooden block (about a meter), or something similar, and a sharp, preferably, boot knife. We determine where we will cut. Usually – this is the middle of the “overlap”. Put the bar, press with your hand and knee, and cut it on it, boldly and confidently. The most important thing in this process is to do everything the first time. You definitely won’t get the second time, and the quality of the seam will be not there. Gently turn the sheets, and apply glue to the floor. PVA is best suited for this. It is not necessary to apply it to the entire surface, a few lanes along and across. At the junction – another thing. Here you need to smash everything well and carefully align the seam. After everything is laid and glued, it is advisable to take the same bar, and go through the entire surface from the joint to walls – to expel the remaining air. Well, now, it remains only to take the scissors and cut the excess under pipes, corners, etc. Everything, the work is over. It remains only to nail the old skirting boards (but still, it is better – new ones). Not very long, and not very scary. We enter a sofa, table, and vodka.