Linoleum: inexpensive finishing material for the floor

When the repair begins, the question immediately arises: “And how to equip the floor?”.

Here we will consider how to choose linoleum. Different manufacturers offer a variety of large selection. This coating is great and well -deserved popular in people. The simplicity of laying and care for this coating does not leave buyers indifferent.

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First you need to level the floor. This can be done using a screed. Linoleum is probably the only coating that is suitable for all rooms. It is not afraid of moisture, dirt, falls of any heavy objects. However, with all the advantages of this flooring, the approach to the choice should be competent. Linoleum is divided into artificial and natural on the source material.

Artificial linoleum is a coating of rubber or cellulose, polyvinyl chloride. This coating is suitable for insufficiently heated rooms. There is also a multi -layer and single -layer linoleum. Moreover, a single -layer more durable than multi -layer.

Natural linoleum is made of environmentally friendly materials – chips, linen oil, bark, wood resin. It holds heat well, and is also resistant to high temperatures.

Remember the golden rule – the stingy pays twice. No need to save. After all, a well -chosen linoleum is able to last a long time.