Linoleum: how to lay on a black floor correctly

Linoleum is often laid on dry, laying it in the form of a path. To do this, the first thing you need to carefully examine the surface, which is covered with linoleum, for defects. If there are irregularities on the surface, they must be eliminated using putty. After it dries, you can safely start the main task. And it consists in spreading linoleum around the room and cutting off excess. When spreading, you should take care of the evenness of the pattern relative to the lines of the walls so that the curvature is not so noticeable. Pruning of linoleum is carried out by a construction or stationery knife, plastic, with interchangeable blades. An ordinary kitchen knife is not suitable for these purposes. For a flat section, use long rails.

Dry rapid has its drawbacks. On the edges linoleum often breaks off or breaks off. Therefore, if the base is made of wood, then the edges are nailed by thick nails or brackets using a stapler. While working with linoleum, you will need devices for measuring the thickness of the coatings, so that when measuring the thickness of the coatings, you know what size you need for your home. This must be done every ten to fifteen centimeters. In the future, these nails are covered with plinths and will not be noticeable. In addition, due to the loose adjustment of the edges, water can leak under linoleum, which will be completely out of place. For this, linoleum edges are planted on glue.

The edges of linoleum can also be protected using a metal rail. They are either simple or with the Falcons. The installation of the rails is carried out when using screws, their hats should be included in the rail. To do this, you can drill holes with the gap. If the slats are attached to the concrete base, then holes are made in it, which are eventually clogged with wooden or plastic plugs. Screws are screwed into these traffic jams.

Still, the best option has always been and will be linoleum shrinkage for glue. However, it should be remembered here that each kind of linoleum requires its type of mastic or glue. Depending on this, at the stage of purchasing linoleum, think well what glue or mastic to you is best used.