Like a dish: what kind of tile styling technology is this

They say one of the Russian troubles is the roads. But if you approach this issue wider, then we can say that pedestrian paths and sidewalks that are their integral part are hardly in the best condition. Therefore, get to the entrance to the entrance or go through the swampy area in the courtyard, on the adjacent street, not everyone succeeds in the biblical technique. The medieval way of overcoming such obstacles in our time is also not applicable: strokes now is a rarity, and many people do not know at all what kind of thing is.

But there is a solution to such a problem – this is the creation of durable pedestrian paths using paving slabs. It is not difficult to lay it down – this is not a paving stones on Red Square, but certain skills are still required. And those who do not want to be puzzled by such construction work will help specialists. This will especially interest the owners of individual houses and cottages-they certainly do not have the experience of building workers from city houses who are engaged in such activities almost daily and have the necessary skills.

In principle, as mentioned above, the technology of laying paving slabs is simple. However, it requires certain knowledge and skills. Everything begins with the choice of the tile itself – its thickness is determined depending on the load on the place that will be covered with. If this is an exclusively pedestrian zone, then the tile can be taken the thinnest – thick or, as manufacturers say, 60 mm high. It fully satisfies the requirements of strength and reliability for pedestrians and even for cyclists. But if in this space they are going to move to a car (about tanks that go on Red Square, we don’t say-there is still paving stones there), we need to give preference to thicker samples.

In any case, the laying procedure consists of three stages: preparatory, the actual installation and final sealing of the seams. You can read more about this technology on the site