Laminate: The popularity of flooring at the peak

To date, the use of laminate has reached the peak of popularity. The building needs floors, the comfort of residents of residents largely depends on their quality. If you recall the coating, which was used in the mass order literally twenty years ago, then in principle, there is nothing to remember: wooden floors, linoleum, at best, were laid on the chipboard of the plates, or even directly on the screed.

Times have changed, and have changed for the better, the choice has increased significantly. There was the possibility of installing better manufacturing, and most importantly the long -term coating that does not wipe, does not burn out, and at the same time environmentally friendly. The laminate has several categories that are distinguished in shape, thickness and strength. In many ways, the quality of the material depends on the manufacturer, more complete information can be obtained on the official website

The material differs in length and width, fastening used for the material is the same: locking circuit, groove spike. The square laminate is laid without shifting the seams, the stripes are mounted with a break at the seams, the technology should be clearly prepared, excluding the gaps. The material is selected based on the size of the room, for the corridor type of premises, a material that is easier to lay diagonally is suitable. On the rooms that include kitchens, halls, living rooms, square forms are best suited. The fatigue of the floor depends on the thickness of the material, this should also be remembered. It should be remembered that before the installation of the material, a substrate should be compared, which is mandatory, otherwise the failures and uneven foundations will lead to the fact that the floor will bend. Protection of the material from mold, damp and fungus should be taken. The color scheme is chosen to the taste of the customer.