Laminate, parquet and substrate: how to choose correctly

In any house on the floor there is any coating. The most popular of them are laminate and parquet board. But what to choose? In this article we will try to give an answer.

Parquet board is made from expensive wood. This flooring perfectly replaces the parquet familiar to us. This is due to the simple laying process (as in the case of laminate) and the naturalness of the tree. In addition, when using a parquet board, you will get the thermo effect – and sound insulation. This will only need to choose the right substrate. Parquet, as a rule, is not able to resist various mechanical deformations and influences. All this can lead to its damage. We recommend that you purchase a Wood Bee floorboard.

The laminate is currently very popular – this is the most convenient type of flooring. The main advantages of the laminate – it does not require varnish coating, cycling, grinding. In addition, this material does not burn out in the sun and is characterized by an increased degree of dirtiness – any spot can be easily removed with acetone. Among other things, the laminate is environmentally friendly and has high insulation qualities. But only when the correct substrate is chosen. The laminate has one incomparable advantage – it is durable, much stronger than all other flooring. Laminate will not even damage even walking in shoes and claws of pets. Parquet board and laminate are significantly different from each other. If you need high -quality flooring at a low price with a long service life, then your choice. If you want to achieve not only beauty, but also solidity in the interior, then purchase a parquet board.