Laminate from Egger: Features of the finish

German-Austrian leading laminate manufacturers annually produce tens of millions of square meters of high-quality flooring with excellent design and functional characteristics.

A great advantage of this laminate is a good price-quality ratio. Beautiful colors, unique superficial structures and decors, make such floors practically not distinguishable from natural wooden coatings.

The features of the structure of the panels of the company “Egger” include:

– high wear resistance;

– the use of a paper decorative layer and a substrate to improve sound insulation;

– Excellent balancing.

Egger laminate has the following advantages:

– special durability, which is determined by a very strong surface of panels and connecting joints; The manufacturer provides a guarantee (depending on the class of the product) for wear resistance for up to 25 years. The strength of the coating is also provided with a new simple and affordable panel docking system, which significantly saves time and resources;

– hygiene: this laminate is one of the most environmental materials, while any dirt and stains from the surface are easily removed after minor cleaning;

– resistance to mechanical influences: even sharp heels or a very heavy object will not leave any traces on the panel;

– resistance to sharp lighting: the surface does not fade under the influence of sunlight, ultraviolet does not affect it;

– Special stability before moisture: the panels are processed in such a way as to completely eliminate the effect of moisture.