Kitchen ceilings: what material to make from

The kitchen is considered a special place in each apartment where all family members spend a lot of time, and its competent arrangement will provide an atmosphere of heat, comfort and comfort.

The ceiling surface in the kitchen is considered the brand itself among all rooms of the dwelling. It is not important whitewashed, painted, pasted with wallpaper. This option is very impractical, since cooking determines its rapid pollution, and it is very difficult to clean it.

The saving solution for modern cuisine is stretch ceilings that are a universal and high -quality ceiling trim. The initial material for the design is polyvinyl chloride, which is characterized by high strength, flexibility, water resistance, refractoryness, fire resistance. Stretch ceilings can easily withstand ultraviolet radiation, are not afraid of moisture, minor mechanical damage, as well as lungs in care and absolutely safe for health.

Thanks to the stretch ceiling in the kitchen, it is easy to hide all engineering communications, and the designer choice excludes any restrictions. They go well with any interior, lighting and ventilation devices, a rich texture and color scheme allows you to choose the desired version of the product and show your creativity in the process of landscaping the kitchen.

The kitchen room is characterized by the value of each corner, and as a lighting system you can combine the main device in the form of a chandelier and local lamps – point light bulbs.

The current solution will be the use of multi -level ceilings if the kitchen is adjacent to the dining room or living room. In this case, the transition from the working area to the dining or recreation area is effectively emphasized.