Kerama Marazzi Frigate collection: What is

The European Ceramic and Granitocorammal Tiles of Karamo Marazzi, popular in Russia, presented his next collection “Frigate Kerama Marazzzi”, which immediately gained popularity among buyers. The color scheme of eight shades with a texture under a tree allows you to implement any design idea.

In addition, the quality of the tiles of Kramo Marazzi has long been confirmed by customer reviews. You can appreciate an excellent palette of colors, which is easy to pile into a overall picture of the design. Recall that porcelain tile combines strength, unpretentiousness to conditions, as well as environmentally friendly, which is important. Moreover, porcelain tiles are highly high, it is able to withstand the loads inaccessible to other well -known decorative coatings, there are no scratches and cracks on it, it will always delight you, preserving the drawing and richness of the color. Kerama Marazzi Frigate collection was created to satisfy the desires of even the most picky buyer. The scope of porcelain tile is great, which makes it indispensable. Gorder tiles can be laid in offices, warehouses, shops, airports and railway stations. Thanks to its qualities, it has become in demand for many designer projects, displacing old -fashioned coatings.

Not only buyers, but also builders appreciated the properties of granitocramic tiles. Its weight and size allow you to spend less time to work, saving precious time. The color palette allows designers to work with complex projects, meeting the requirements of the customer.