Is it worth it to choose leather wallpaper to finish the room

Despite the fact that the types of wallpaper in our time are more than enough, nothing prevents everything new and new. Many of these wallpaper, which belong to very unusual for us, become very popular very quickly.

Especially distinguished from all types of wallpaper are leather. In fact, such wallpapers are used all over the world for a very long time, but before us, like all the most interesting, this type of material has just reached. Its popularity is still not very great, but this is only a matter of time.

Leather wallpapers are made from skins of North American oxen. Only the skin from the withers is taken, as it is the thickest and strongest. The skin is processed, stretched and turated. Then impregnated with bee wax in high pressure. Unlike ordinary wallpaper, leather are sold not in rolls, but with a rectangular or square tile. These wallpaper have several advantages.

Leather wallpaper is a completely natural material that is unable to harm the inhabitants of the room. They are very durable and durable. The leather coating of the walls is also very safe in contact with open fire. Processed skin does not ignite for a long time. Over time, the skin does not lose its properties and its appearance.

For the middle class, leather wallpaper is very expensive, so more often all this finishing material, with a unique texture, is used to repair serious companies, or for the improvement of VIP rooms in expensive hotels. In combination with an expensive wooden and leather furniture, a unique style is created.