Is it possible to replace Elnektrotstvo with your own hands with your own hands

You live in a panel house and started repairs ? Then be sure to change the wiring – often when repairing it is forgotten, although it is obsolete, it requires attention to itself. Consider the nuances and problems associated with the implementation of e -chief work.

First you need to determine the places where electrical appliances in your house are more often used. It is worth thoroughly calculated the number of sockets, so that then do not have to use extension cords. In the bathroom and toilet, you will need to use sockets protected from water ingress. In other rooms, it is better to put German, with protective contact. If you decide to install a shield for protection, you need to choose a place for it in advance and bring the wires.

Keep in mind that the wall should have channels for wires and places for sockets. It is worth knocking and finding these places – after all, so you will reduce your job.

To work, you will need to de -energize the whole apartment, turn off all the circuit breakers of the power line, turn off all the wires going inside. Next, connect the extension cord to the common shield, wrapping a twist well with a twist. During the dismantling, it may turn out that the channels of the electrical wiring are clogged. With the help of wire, you can determine the exact place of the problem. If there are difficult -access areas, they need to be pierced with a perforator. If the connection points have not changed (the same ones remained as before), then you will already have channels for the new cable. If they are not there, then you should make furrows for wires and sockets. First drill a depression for installing a socket, outwardly outlining the place according to the template.

Throughout the repair several times, check the quality of the work performed. Otherwise, you have to contact the electrician.

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