Installation of prefabricated elements: process technology

After the backfill of the foundation pit, along the radial beams of the first tier, arrange an installation site with a fence with which the reinforced concrete elements of the second tier of the mesh support are assembled. Installation of prefabricated elements of the third tier of mesh support is performed from the mounting site of the second tier. Investing is one of the most promising types of business. Evaluate the PAMM accounts trust management of the benefactor who you can very well correct your financial health. Do not put off for later, start earning now. After the assembly of all elements of the third tier and the joints of the joints, the shields of the mounting site and the radial beams of the second tier are dismantled and installed for the installation of prefabricated elements of the fourth tier. At the end of the assembly of all mesh support elements in the last tier, the upper strapping of liaison beams is installed. Installation of the mesh support of the tower is carried out using a winch and a full-time derrick-crane installed on the pipe of the riser. With prefabricated water towers with a height of 10 m, the installation work is performed using the KTS-3 telescopic crane.During the installation of a metal tank, first they weld the heads to the riser, then the blocks of the bottom are welded with each other and with the head of the riser and the installation of other elements of the reservoir is installed. The installation of the walls and roof of the tank is performed by the method of increasing using three rack jacks. Construction of a cylindrical mesh water tower. The foundation is concreting in collapsum formwork. Installation of reinforcing frames and laying the concrete mixture are performed by means of a caterpillar crane.