Installation of metal tiles yourself should be done

The advantage of the metal tile is its weight, it is five times easier than the usual. This allows you to use a lightweight rafter system for installation. As material, metal tile is available by price, but it is important to know some of its features.

The outer and inner surface differ and due to exposure to temperature, condensation can form. It leads to metal corrosion and the destruction of the roof structure of the roof. To avoid this, it is necessary to lay the metal tile with a rough surface of the membrane to the insulation. For ventilation of the undercarbon space, layers of the crate and counterparts are installed. They create a gateway, thanks to which the air does not stagnate. This is especially true for a warm roof.

On the inside of the room, the structure is closed with a layer of vapor barrier. For additional sealing, it is fixed with tape. Then an anti -condensate membrane is laid on the counter -scheme, which protects the insulation from moisture. A crate is stuffed on top. Roofing material is subsequently laying on it. In the event that the undercarbon space of the house is not used, the rafters are packed on a continuous or ordinary crate. The roof is laid directly on it.

Metal tile. The sheets themselves are attached to the crate with galvanized screws. Rubber gaskets are pre -laid under them. An important nuance when installing tiles is that it is necessary to cut it with a special knife for metal. Otherwise, when, for example, the Bulgarian is used, the protective layer of the tile is disturbed, which leads to the loss of its main qualities.