Installation of metal tiles: with which the laying process begins

Before starting work on installing the profile on the ovation of the roof, you need to nail the bar for the cornice. Further, the work is performed using a drill with a reverse, or a screwdriver, since it is necessary to attach a metal tile to the boards of the crate with self -tapping screws, the length of which should be 30 mm on average.

Installation of metal tiles usually begins with the right lower corner of the roof, the first sheet is fastened with one screw, in the upper part of the sheet, after which the second sheet is laid and fastened with the first self -tapping screws. The lower edge is aligned according to the cornice, and the lower sheet should go beyond the cornice by 30-40 centimeters, after which the sheets of the metal tiles are fixed finally.

The remaining sheets are attached differently, but as an option you can consider the following type of fastening: the sheets are attached through one wave in a checkerboard pattern, and the joint is fixed through one wave with self-tapping screws. The side overlaps are attached to the top of the wave with self -tapping screws. Unlike the installation of the slate, the screws when fastening the sheets of metal tiles are injected into the deflection of the waves. For fastening one square meter of metal tiles, 6-8 screws are required.

After the full installation of the sheets of the metal tile between the metal tile and the roof skate, the seal is placed with pre -released holes for ventilation, after which the horse itself is attached. The ends of the skate are closed with plugs.

When installing metal tiles, the safety rules should be followed. It is best to move in shoes with a soft sole and advance only in a deflection in the places of the crate, also in order to avoid accidents it is best to insure yourself with a safety cable.