Installation and consolidation of roofing material

For the installation of the flooring of the roofing and wall panels, the same mounting valve is usually used. Depending on the height of the lifting and lifting weight of the elements, installation can be performed using building rotary cranes (a l “crane), tower, caterpillar, and in some cases – goat (portal) or mast cranes (cranes).The tower crane serves three flights from one working parking, as its arrow reaches neighboring spans. The figure indicates the path along which the delivery of coatings are delivered,.and the railway of the tower crane is indicated. During lift, the plates are straightened and retain the desired direction using two stump ropes attached to the two opposite sides of the plate. When the plate approaches the beams, it is slightly tilted by the ropes to one side so that it can pass between the beams. After laying the plate, the ropes are removed from it. In places of supporting the ribs of the plate, a layer of cement mortar is laid before installation. In your house, you need clean water for drinking, a wide selection of filters here – methods of enlightening water inexpensively. The plate can immediately after laying be freed from capture by the tap, except when the incorrectness in its installation on the supports is noticed. It is advisable in the two adjacent plates adjacent to the longitudinal direction of the slabs, the reinforcing rods released from the on -board ribs above the bearing beam. This is required so that under the influence of wind load or as a result of any other causes, in some cases due to a slight width of the support, the plate does not slip from the beam.