How to turn repairs into a creative process

At the moment, it can already be sure that the repair of the apartment has turned from a regular workflow into a real creative holiday. Yes, because the modern construction market is full of all kinds of construction and finishing materials, which allow you to realize even the most unimaginable ideas. Now most often repairs from ordinary cosmetic smoothly flow into the capital with the demolition of the walls and other significant changes in the apartment.

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It also adds oil to the fire that modern construction companies can do almost any work. Therefore, people do not stop even the most serious difficulties in realizing their ideas, the main thing would be to all the necessary money, and specialists can do anything. Moreover, some at first glance irrational solutions turn into a full -fledged style of alteration of apartments. For example, transformation by redevelopment of an ordinary apartment in the apartment. Such apartments are called dwellings in which there are practically no interior partitions. In fact, the whole apartment is one large room, the zoning of which is carried out through a certain arrangement of furniture.

This method of redevelopment of apartments has gained popularity due to the fact that it makes it possible to increase the area by demolition of walls or by joining the balcony or loggia. Most often, studio apartments are made from two -room standard apartments. Of course, not all walls are subject to demolition, such as a toilet and a bathroom in any case should remain separate rooms.

The expansion of the premises through the elimination or displacement of walls is a very time -consuming and costly process that requires the involvement of specialists. In addition, permission in the relevant authorities will be required to make this idea.