How to replace engineering communications in an apartment

Before starting the repair of the apartment, you need to draw up a work plan. Calculate the cost and quantity of materials that will be needed for repair. This will allow you to know exactly how much this work will cost you and save your time.

First you need to prepare an apartment for its decoration. If you make major repairs, then all furniture, carpets and other things should be taken out of the room. Do not leave anything that can interfere with you during the repair process.

Old wallpapers or painting must be removed. The wallpaper should be moistened with water before tearing off so that they better move away from the walls. When the walls are completely clean, they are wiped and aligned with putty. Construction foam must be shut down in the walls, if there are such. The walls must dry for further repair.

The ceiling is a simpler part of the repair. You can just turn white, but there is still a great option, like hanging ceilings. The installation is quite simple and they look much better than a simple whitewash.

If it is necessary to replace the parts of engineering communications, then only specialized employees from organizations are entitled to do such work. It must be remembered that the redevelopment of the apartment must only be done with the agreement of construction supervision. If there is no agreement, but you still have a redevelopment, then you can get a rather fine or even criminal liability.

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When buying building materials, you should not save on quality. So that they serve as much as possible, they should be purchased in specialized stores, thereby excluding the likelihood of buying a non -quality fake. Moreover, the level of service of such stores at altitude and for a large amount of purchased goods is usually provided with a discount and the possibility of free delivery. But if you still decide to buy building materials in the market or in stores without guaranteeing quality, then you must definitely look at the quality and duration of such goods.