How to repair a kitchen in a country house

The kitchen in a country house practically does not differ from the same kitchen in an apartment or other city apartments, but with such construction a number of significant nuances should be distinguished. Any housewife dreams that the kitchen is quite spacious. Having highlighted 30-50m2 of your cozy house, you can easily organize your dream kitchen. Since there are definitely no problems in the spacious room with a communications, you can build a fairly large island in the center. The location of the plate and hoods is possible absolutely anywhere, and each housewife will determine on his own what is needed for her convenience.

A distinctive feature of the kitchen of a country house is an almost complete absence of massive hinged cabinets on the walls. Typically, walls decorate decorative shelves or interesting design constructions, the main function of which is not storage and storage.

Large areas of the kitchen require aesthetic floor design, so you need modern tiles for the kitchen, the online store will provide a huge selection.

In a country house, it is important to pay due attention to light equipment. Typically, kitchens in such houses are built with windows around the perimeter and entrance door to the terrace. Often in their own homes, the owners equip summer dining rooms or terraces, organize the barbecue area. This allows not only to feel the spaciousness of a beloved house, but to enjoy the beauty of a personal plot.

On the construction of “Kitchen Dreams” do not save. The owners often use exotic species of trees in the design, linen the kitchen with a porcelain tile, build an expensive fireplace and use other decorators prompted by designers and prestigious factories.