How to put a film floor with your own hands

One type of warm floor is a film floor. This is perhaps the most convenient option. He does not consume as much electricity as an electric floor and does not take up as much space as a waterproof, and this is that the film floor can be used as the only source of heating in the room.

Installation begins with the preparation of the surface – it should be clean and even. Thermal insulation (necessarily with the reflective effect) is laid across the laying of the stripes of the heating film. The heating film itself is best placed along the room – this will be less than the wire connection places (the infrared film strips are connected in parallel). A temperature sensor is placed between the insulation and the film. In places of connection and under the temperature sensor, it is necessary to make small recesses at the base in order to avoid thickening of the floor. This can lead to the deformation of the coating and/or damage to the compounds. The same applies to the cable – grooves are made for it. The edges of the strips must be insulated. The strips of warm floor are attached with tape, less often – screws and brackets. We put the thermostat near the outlet (you need a voltage of 220 V). The wires (copper) are connected to the lanes of the film using copper clamps or soldered. Two wires of different colors are connected to each lane (one on each side). The joints are necessarily isolated. Now you can check the floor and put the coating. Since the film floor is placed under different coating, on it, depending on the type of coating, plywood is placed (under the carpet, linoleum), a reinforcing mesh (under tiles, stone) or immediately coating, for example, parquet, laminate.

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