How to prepare the basis for laying porcelain tiles

The sexual surface before the installation of porcelain tiles is necessarily aligned with a strong cement mortar, and necessarily dried well. But just in case, you will have to purchase leveling mixtures in order to pour them under the tile, if necessary. Find the middle of the room. In parallel to the long wall, we draw a straight line that will serve us with the axis when installing tiles. We try out the tiles dry, laying the row, to the right of the line, and to the left of it. The line enters the seam between two rows. By the way, if you urgently need a walkie -talkie to buy them now you can now leaving your home in the online store of the site – . Pass the above link to consider all the products that are on sale and find out the cost of radio. If you can’t put all even tiles, it is adjusted in size. If tiles play on the floor, then there is some kind of defect that needs to be eliminated. Either cut down a tubercle, or grind the aligning mixture. Further actions are simple. With special glue, in which increased adhesive properties we glue the sample tiles. Pour glue on the surface and smear it with a spatula. We take a gear roller or spatula and draw it on glue, thereby creating the furrows.

We lay on the glue glue and separate with plastic crosses. It is desirable that the glue does not fill the seams between the tiles. Now from the even first rows we continue the installation of porcelain tiles throughout the room.

After the glue dries, we carry out grout of the seams. Fill the gaps with the solution, remove the excess. Sprinkle the seams with dry grout. Wipe the floor with a damp soft rag.