How to make a reliable basis for a residential building

The foundation is the basis for any residential building, it is the key to its integrity and general strength, its support. If you make a strip foundation with your own hands, distortions will not be terrible only for wooden houses, but in a brick house a wall will crack after a crack in the foundation. In addition, in the spring it is time to apply the waterproofing coating of the foundation, at least just bitumen, or similar to waterproofing material, otherwise mold can destroy not only the foundation, but also penetrate the house.

From the correctness of the choice of the type of foundation in a particular area for the construction of future housing, a lot of indicators depend – the durability and integrity of the entire residential building. Much is also determined by the financial capabilities and stock of nerve cells in this host. Correction of such errors will be a fairly expensive pleasure. That is why it is strongly recommended not to make errors in its construction. The process of laying the foundation should take place as close as possible.

Often about 20 percent of the total cost of expected costs are allocated for the construction of the foundation device. Many novice builders immediately set out to slightly reduce such a waste plan. It is possible to reduce the amount necessary for the construction of the foundation subject to the selection of a more economical type of foundation, which, in addition to reducing financial costs, would maintain the strength of the entire design of the room. We invite visitors to our site to familiarize yourself with the non -standard foundation device, a harmonious connection of pile and mulco -posed types.