How to make a reliable and durable floor with your own hands

Each head of a large industrial enterprise racks his head when the question arises about the installation of a durable and durable flooring. Polymer bulk floors are better than others to take out serious loads. Polymer floors are resistant to the most diverse types of loads (exposure to chemicals, temperature differences, mechanical influences) and have a long service life without loss of technical properties. Such floors are easily repaired and have a relatively low cost. There are four types of bulk polymeric floors.1. Methyl methacrylate (made from special types of resins); 2. Epoxy (based on epoxy resins); 3. Cement-acrylic (produced from a special dry mixture and liquid); 4. Polyurethane (consist of high -strength polyurethane).Each species has its own characteristics and most fully correspond to one or another operating conditions. For example: polyurethane floors tolerate the differences in high and low temperatures, mechanical influences, tolerate vibration loads well; Epoxy resin floors most fully meet the requirements of durability in chemical exposure, are used in medical institutions and in the food industry; cement-acrylic floors-used in rooms with a lack of static electricity. Consumers are mistaken when they believe that polymer bulk floors can be used exclusively in production rooms and have a limited color palette and most often only gray color. In fact, today polymer bulk polyphoils can be bought not only a wide variety of colors and shades, but also a special transparent floor, which allows you to create the most diverse 3D-compositions. Such a floor will not leave anyone indifferent and can be used both in a bar, a club, and a shopping center, and restaurants. Every day, polymer floors conquer the market, displacing other types of sex. The range of materials used in manufacture is expanding, the quality and technical characteristics improve. The consumer may be sure that he acquires a quality product that will last more than a dozen years.