How to make a construction solution yourself

Building solutions – materials representing mixtures from mineral binders, small aggregates and various additives that harden after a certain time after manufacturing. Additives may not be used in construction solutions in general – it all depends on whether it is necessary to improve the properties of the solution. Building solutions differ in the type of binder, by density, as intended. The construction also uses diamond cutting, before use should be learned more about it.

Solutions that are prepared on one type of binder are called simple, on two – mixed or complex. Select the type of binder for the solution is necessary depending on the purpose of the solution itself, the operating conditions and hardening of the material. GIPS, lime, Portland cement are used as binders for construction solutions. To improve the technical properties of some building solutions, to save the number of hydraulic binders, mixed astringent.

As a filling for construction solutions, sand is used, the amount of clay and dusty particles should not exceed the indicator, which corresponds to the cement brand. The size of the sand is selected depending on the purpose of the solution.

Different compositions of construction solutions have varying degrees of mobility. Mobility is the ability to spread under the influence of their own mass of the mixture. The necessary mobility of the solution should be chosen by its purpose. It is determined using a standard cone.