How to install a rack ceiling itself

Rheck suspended ceilings are perfect if you care about the safety of your room. In this case, it is important to draw the main attention to the materials from which the suspension ceiling is made. They should not be flammable, but should also be able to embed lamps of any size into the ceiling. There must be the possibility of communications inside the ceiling. All this is interconnected, therefore, high -quality installation of the rack ceiling (in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the room, and so on) is very important, every little thing is important, especially in cases where we are talking about the safety of hundreds of people, if, for example, a large building. And for every person, comfort and safety are important. Therefore, the ceiling is rheck (it can be made even with your own hands) is the right solution. These ceilings are perfect for an apartment or at home, first of all, they are intended for a veranda, hallway, kitchen, bathroom and so on. If you need installation of the rack ceiling in the bathroom or in the kitchen, then you can contact our company – we will help you decide on the color, texture and installation of the ceiling. The ceiling of this type is mounted on the suspension system, the horizontal installation is not required here. The ceiling of the river (installation using a standard system) can be laid at a certain angle, provided that the fixation of all elements is reliable. Using this method, a multi -level ceiling is excellent. If there is a desire, then you can even lay out the arches.

The river ceiling may also provide for mounting lamps of any type. Using ordinary scissors (you can also adapt the scissors here for metal) cut holes for lamps. It is worth noting that special lamps are produced under the rack ceilings, which are elongated panels with fluorescent lamps, reflectors and decorative grilles. In addition, if desired, you can combine ordinary daylight lamps with a rack ceiling. We draw your attention to the fact that the installation of the rack ceiling is quite simple, so this can be installed on its own. If there are still doubts, then contact specialists.