How to independently build a wooden fence

The fence serves to protect the territory from the invasion of unauthorized persons and animals. It is also an element of the decor of the land and indicates its boundaries. Fences are stone, metal and wooden. It is wooden fences that can be found most often, since the material from which they are built is the most affordable and relatively inexpensive. However, such fences have to be repaired from time to time or even completely replace, since their life is limited.

When constructing a wooden fence, wooden or metal supports are first installed, on which all other elements will be fixed in the future. How much the columns are installed, how much time the fence will last, as well as its strength. The pillars should be installed at a distance of 2-5 m from each other.

First, the corner pillars are installed, between which the rope stretches, forming the contour of the fence built. Further, at the installation site of the following pillars, pits are dug up, with a depth of at least 1 m. So that the pillars are more stable into the pit can be poured with gravel. Pillars must be buried in the ground for 1/3. If pillars made of wood are used, then they must first be burned, then covered with resin and wrapped in roofing material. This is done so that their service life is extended. Pillars can also be concreted.

After the pillars are installed, the installation of horizontal load -bearing crossbars begins, which are either nailed to the pillars or are attached using special fasteners. Elements of the fence itself, which can be a picket fence, a picket fence, a wattle fence, etc., are subsequently attached to the support. D.

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