How to do a bath restoration with your own hands

Sooner or later, the bath becomes inappropriate and you have to restore it. One of the restoration methods is enameling. This method is the cheapest and does not require dismantling and disconnecting from the sewer of the bath. Yourself can be applied to the old enamel with a flat brush from a natural hair or a sprayer. Let us consider in more detail the enameling process consisting of two stages.

At the first stage, you should prepare a bath for restoration. It is necessary to ensure the maximum smoothness of the surface, which should also be fat -free. An old enamel should be applied to the powder that does not contain chlorine and begin to clean the surface with an abrasive stone. Then all the resulting particles are washed off with water, cleaned rust, irregularities, and also degrease the surface. After that, you should dial hot water into the bath for 5-10 minutes, after the descent of which the surface is wiped with leisure.

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The second stage is already the application of the enamel. When applying, it is necessary to ensure that there are no bubbles and subteces. The optimal result from restoration can be achieved by applying enamel in 4 layers. Enamel should be chosen precisely the one that is designed for baths, despite the temptation to buy enamel for other works, which is several times cheaper. Having applied the enamel for baths, it should be left to dry for 7 days or more. By the way, the enamel intended to perform other tasks dries much faster. It is also worth remembering that the sprayer is less effective in the restoration of a bath than a flat brush. The fact is that the sprayer can unevenly cover the area of ​​the bathtub with enamel, leaving the implements.

Firms usually give a guarantee of 1 year to enamel the bath, but it is worth knowing that the qualitatively done work will provide 2 or more of the year of the new coating service. But remember that the restored bath in any case requires careful attitude to itself.