How to control overhaul

Everyone knows what repairs are, especially if the capital. But in our modern world, almost no one uses the phrase of overhaul, everyone uses the term “European -renovation”. It is very difficult to check the quality of European repair, since any company to whom you entrusted the repair of your apartment will try to fulfill everything according to the standards. But at the same time he will try to save for himself. Even walls and ceilings, good design, hidden electrical wiring – all this is the key to European repair and its standards. But a good view does not prove that everything is done efficiently, because such a repair, and such repairs are called turnkey repair, is not always carried out by qualified specialists, namely builders-repairmen. And the question arises, but you can monitor the quality of the work done and at the same time tactically save in the future?

After all, if the work is done poorly, then in the future he will make himself felt, which means to repair everything, and this is extra money. Of course, you can observe all the actions of the workers. Suppose you ordered a repair of a particular company. You observed the workers. And they did not surrender on time, you can break the contract with them without any doubt, since this company does not work classified specialists. Because only decent companies have such specialists. Nevertheless, such companies will always be puzzled in order to pass everything on time. But when controlling, you need to know the algorithm of the repair of the apartment.

Firstly, the customer appeals to a specific company to receive the repair service. Then immediately the designer and the designer take all the necessary information from the customer and design the repair itself, design the repair algorithm. The designer is developing a suitable interior. But at the same time, the designer and the designer agree with the customer.

As a rule, during major repairs, residents of this apartment should not live in the apartment, as this interferes with the repair.

The repair itself begins with the fact that the room is “cleaned” of furniture, and the walls undergo the cleaning process, all the doors of the Austium, radiators, and flooring are also removed.

The second stage is laid wiring and various communications. As usual, in non -new buildings, the wiring is completely old, so it is replaced completely in accordance with the project. Then there is a replacement of windows, if it is necessary, leveling the wall, wiring pipes, laying all kinds of tiles. But at this stage, the sequence of action is optional, and the sequence itself depends on the repair team.

More, the stage is the final alignment of the wall, ceilings or floor, waterproof and soundproof. There are a lot of these work methods, therefore, by what method to do everything, they ask the customer himself, and the customer agrees with his favorite.

And the fourth stage is mainly finishing work. At this stage, hinged cabinets, all kinds of furniture are installed, work with flooring and the design of the wall itself. The walls of wallpaper, decorative plaster, covering with different drawings are included in the design of the wall.

In the final, fifth stage, all doors are installed.

So, finally the repair is over. The customer must enter his apartment without recognizing it. And the repair itself should be made in such a way that the customer should not have any claim in the next couple of years.