How to competently choose a safe for use

Sometimes you need something more serious than glass coffee tables or shelves in a closet or wooden cabinets on keys.

We bring to your attention an online store of safe “Obits”, professional choice. Here you will find a wide selection of metal furniture (cabinets of various purposes, safes, accounting cabinets, built -in safe and so on).

The number of goods put up for the sale of goods in our store has already exceeded the number of 700 units.

Basically, our online store presents hacking metal furniture for organizations. Such safes and cabinets are intended to ensure the safety of your documents, papers, money and seals. The safety of not only from theft and theft, but also from fire hazard.

The store “Obits” offers the sale of metal furniture at affordable prices (due to the lack of intermediaries), as well as a furniture of decent quality, which withstood more than one check for strength.

For specific organizations and firms entitled to store weapons, protective weapons cabinets are simply necessary. Our store presents a wide selection of goods in this category. On the Promets website, you can adjust your order by selecting and indicating the necessary parameters of height, width and length, adjusting the weight, and you also need to choose the type of lock and the presence of a cash register cell. Naturally, when choosing an arms cabinet, you must indicate what type of weapon you will store there and the manufacturer’s brand. The price is also regulated in this section. On the site you can display the indications in the order of increasing or decreasing parameters.

A fairly frequent order from us is to buy a safe safe. This is also a great option for storing securities, cash, jewelry and other important things for you. Here, too, there is an opportunity to indicate the necessary data in order. You can directly on the site choose the price category, show external parameters: height, width and length, number of shelves, sections, safe weight. In the search criteria, also indicate the type of lock, the level of fire resistance and the country of the manufacturer.

When passing now, now in the documents it necessarily indicates how many keys and to whom was issued. Also, you can be sure that we do not have a single copy left. The cabinets and safes of our company have been popular for several years now. We do our work efficiently and, most importantly, hacking.