How to choose a galinded log for construction

During the construction of wooden houses, a gallected log is most popular. This is due to the fact that this building material has the ability to accumulate and maintain heat, while not missing the cold. In addition to these qualities, such logs have high strength and durability, and in order to protect them from moisture and with possible fire, they are treated with special protective solutions.

Escalled logs are made mainly from such conifers of trees as pine, cedar and spruce. However, a pine remains the optimal and widely used tree, which has an optimal price ratio and quality. It is proved that the best galled logs for the construction of houses and cottages should have in diameter from 22 to 26 cm.

In the production of logs, the upper part is removed from the tree, which is covered with cracks when dried. The remaining inner part of the log is more durable, since it is saturated with wood resin and at the same time has an aesthetic appearance. So the house built of galled logs does not require interior decoration.

All building material made from galinded logs is produced in specializing factories that have appropriate modern equipment. Additionally, the material undergoes vacuum processing, the effect of which significantly exceeds similar actions made independently on the construction site. In order for the allocated logs to fit each other tightly and do not pass heat, they have special grooves of semicircular shape, which are located both along the logs and across the log.

A house built of galled logs has an attractive appearance both outside and inside. This is due to the original and diverse natural pattern that nature itself created. And as you know, it is wooden houses that can create the most comfortable and cozy environment for the family living in it.