How to choose a bath shape: what to focus on

Nowadays, choosing a bath will not be difficult. Companies specializing in the production of elements for bathrooms create many convenient and functional baths that can harmoniously fit into any interior.

When placing an oval bath, there will still be a lot of space for horizontal shelves at the head and in the legs. In the future, you can place soap, shampoo, washcloth and other bath accessories on them. To significantly save the space of the bathroom, it is better to give preference to asymmetric acrylic bath, which is specially designed for use in small rooms. It is possible to achieve complete relaxation by choosing a model with a hydromassage function. Also, due to a lack of a place for a washing machine in the apartment, many families place a washing machine in the bathroom. Usually these are Electrolux washing machines because they are more convenient for placing in the bathroom (if you have the necessary square meters naturally). But sometimes you see that the washing machine does not work (either it has failed, or it requires prevention), things are erased with their hands, and to call masters laziness laziness. But then the question arises: why does a non -working washing machine occupy such precious square meters in the bathroom, which does not differ in a special expanse. Maybe we will first make the repair of Electrolux washing machines, and only then we will think about repairing the bathroom?! And then, it’s strange for many, a chic repair in the bathroom and in the middle is a non -working washing machine.

For ease of use, handles are attached to the straight sides of cast -iron baths to avoid sloppies and falls when immersed in water. Additional stiffener ribs – an indispensable attribute of acrylic baths. Due to their presence, the stability of the product to deformation caused by the weight of the body increases. People of large physique should take into account when choosing a bath of its size, strength and rigidity.

Standard enamel baths have a slippery bottom of the bottom. In acrylic products, usually there is a corrugated pattern, protrusions or a special coating at the bottom, which are protected from slipping.

Most of the battens of baths provide for the presence of legs installed on the floor, the length of which can be adjusted. Depending on how to install them, the product can be given a certain slope. In some models, the legs successfully replace various protrusions and lining.