How to carry out cosmetic repairs yourself

Many people want to change their apartment, but are not yet ready for radical changes, and then you can move furniture or make a cosmetic repair. During cosmetic repair, the ceiling, walls, floor is updated, and if necessary, then doors and windows.

And of course, you need to start cosmetic repairs with the dismantling of old flooring and walls. If the ceiling is covered with lime, then it can be washed off with water to the putty layer. That is, the surface is moistened with water and removed by a spatula. This process is very time -consuming and if the surface is not fully processed, then when applying a new layer, the coating may begin to bubble. You can’t delete the whitewashing at a time and therefore this procedure needs to be carried out here several times.

If the ceiling is painted, then it can be cleaned with sandpaper or spatula. On the walls, the old wallpaper is torn or moistened with water and then remove them using a spatula. It happens that there are several layers of wallpaper, then here you need to moisten each layer and remove.

The coating from windows, doors and platbands is removed if it cracked. Paint can be removed in two ways thermal and chemical. The thermal method implies the effects of high temperatures, using a hairdryer and after it can be removed by a conventional scraper.

In the chemical method, special washing is used and everything is also removed with a scraper or spatula. If you act according to these rules and advice, then cosmetic repairs will be carried out correctly, and at the same time time and energy, and of course, finances.

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