How the competent speech of the girl’s employment affects

How to be competitive in the labor market

By definition, it is believed that a woman is smarter and smarter, she will be entrusted with a work that is associated with intellectual loads.

 But the girl who has through the word "as if", "Cool", "Fitting" And "pipets" you can not particularly dream of serious promotion. The boss argues simply: if a person in a normal conversation cannot formulate his thought clearly and state it literary, then he simply will not be able to conduct any negotiations. The oversaturation of youth slang, and this has long been clear, is observed only in those girls who have an extremely scanty vocabulary, and, accordingly, intelligence is lame.

Therefore, in order to withstand competition and be confident, you need to, but you just need to get rid of parasitic words, start reading more, replenish and expand your interests, then instead of jargon the tongue will be filled with normal words.