How much is the departure of the apartment: what to take into account

Among many of our compatriots, the assertion is common that the cost of repair work in the apartment is calculated according to the following formula: all repair costs (costs of the repair team, purchase of building materials, etc. P.) It is necessary to multiply by three, as a result it will be possible to get the real cost of all work, specialists of the construction resource state . If you do not intend to load yourself with this kind of calculations and calculations, then you can use the services of specialized construction companies without any problems, which can be both small and large, the benefit in the domestic market there are simply a huge number. At the same time, professionals in the field of construction are sure that it will be possible to finally draw up a line in the estimates according to the estimate only when all construction and repair work will be completely completed.

There are several ways in which it will be possible to qualitatively transform your own living space. Naturally, no one will forbid you to do work yourself, simultaneously using the work of hired specialists. And in the vicinity of your house you can certainly find several advertisements from the people’s craftsmen. There are both small brigades and specialized design and construction companies. The cost of services of the latter will be much higher compared to the first.

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