How does the decoration of any apartment begins

Starting the decoration of the apartment, get ready for the fact that you will have to work with a large number of different liquids, so this stage is deservedly called the “wet process”.

You will have to work with plaster, putty on plaster, put internal partitions, concrete, make a screed, etc. In short, all processes associated with the release of a large amount of fluid can be attributed to the “wet”. This stage is required to be performed at the very beginning and not change the routine, since wooden sheathing can suffer from moisture, drywall on the walls and ceiling can sag.

Therefore, when finishing the apartment, start with this “wet” stage.

The exception is only the laying of tiles in the kitchen or in the bathroom – the tile is covered with special glass glaze, which will protect moisture from evaporation from the solution on which the tile is laid. Ecoflooring laminate laid in a dry and pre -ventilated room. The Floor-Project portal is just engaged in its sale, as well as the implementation of other flooring. However, experts still advise this part of the work during the “wet” decoration, since due to the rather large area of ​​laying tiles, the amount of moisture secreted will also not be small. Cutting walls and concrete, dismantling work and other dusty processes perform before the “wet” stage begins.

As for the time of “wet” work, this period takes from three days to a week, if there are no special technologies when laying a particular material. Among the builders, the saying was accepted – “better than an unprofitable wall than overdried”.