How cellular concrete differs from other types

Cellular concrete differs from his usual brother with high thermal insulation. He acquired this property thanks to numerous pores containing air bubbles inside, which is a magnificent heat insulator. That is why the house, erected with porous concrete, is much warmer than an ordinary brick or wooden house.

In a house built of porous concrete, a significant less energy will be spent on the heating of the room. True, the walls of such a house should be at least half a meter thick.

Although the houses built of porous concrete are defined as stone, the atmosphere reigning in it is not much different from the microclimate of the wooden house. Unlike the common ordinary concrete, porous concrete is able to pass air, due to which the possibility of the appearance of various fungi and mold in the house is excluded.

Cellular concrete, unlike wood, is not deceived, since only mineral components are used in its manufacture that are recognized as environmentally friendly.

Porous concrete is often used as a filler in the construction of frame-chips. However, such a technology in private construction in Russia is not popular.

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