How can you strengthen the old foundation with your own hands

Vacation home. We strengthen the old foundation must begin with the fact that the foundation is the basis of the whole house, everything depends on its strength. First of all, it is necessary to view the visible half of the foundation every year on the occurrence of all sorts of cracks and chips there. If violations are suddenly found, then it is necessary to fix the foundation as quickly as possible. At the initial stage, such work will not be expensive. And if this fact is missing, then the destruction will resemble a snowball, and the consequences will be irreparable from the skew of the floors to sagging wall structures. The technology of strengthening the foundation depends on several reasons – the type of soil, the type of foundation, the properties of the structure of the structure. Strengthening the foundation is a complex process that is not advised to take on its own. And to assess the share in the apartment at an affordable price will help you with the premiere. Please note that serious professionals have great experience in complex types of construction. The repair of the foundation must be carried out in the summer after a thorough study and determining the causes of damage. Based on such studies, engineers choose a unique foundation attachment technology and make an estimate. Of all types of attachment of the foundation can be carried out by boiled piles. From the foundations of the earth, wells are destroyed through the foundation. Then these wells are filled with a special cement mortar and frame. And then the whole structure grabs and instantly freezes. This technology is suitable for private houses, because it is very simple and neatly performed. Do not spare time, carefully examine your foundation at home, and if there are any violations, take measures immediately!