History of the creation of laminate: Technology features

Laminate – one of the modern types of flooring. This convenient, beautiful environmentally friendly and economical coating is ideal not only for apartments, but also for offices.

The laminate was first developed in the mid-80s of the last century in Sweden. It consists of several layers: the upper layer is a strong film made of special resins, the next layer is the paper saturated with resin, the main layer consisting of wood -fiber materials, the lower stabilizing layer is a paraffinated or soaked in resin paper.

Advantages of laminate: simplicity of styling, impact resistance, wear resistance, perfectly maintains heat, environmental friendliness, resistance to chemical cleaning agents, a large selection of textures and colors.

For the laminate, there are reference measures of hardness or wear resistance. This is usually a two -digit number indicated on the package. For example, 23 means the recommended use in home rooms with intensive cross -country ability (kitchen and t. P.).

Disadvantages: low sound absorption, prolonged contact with water is impossible. When caring for a laminate, you need:

Constantly wipe the floor with a damp cloth. It is advisable to add the means specially created for the laminate.

With strong contamination, use detergents for the laminate, after which it is recommended to wipe the floor with a damp cloth.

When it hits the floor of the liquid, you should urgently wipe it.

Do not use abrasive and alkalin -containing detergents.

Ink spots, spots from varnish, cigarettes or marker are removed using alcohol or acetone.

Little pieces of felt should be put under the legs of furniture.

Elimination of scratches is carried out by special work

The main manufacturers of the laminate are recognized by Tarkett, Pergo, Witex, HDM.

Consumer advice:

1. You should not lay a laminate on a warm floor. If you follow the appropriate technologies, then on the water warm floor installation of laminate is possible.

2. After laying the laminate, it must be treated with a protective tool, this will reduce slip.