History of growth and falls of foreign currency

Will foreign currency will grow further

After December 2009, we saw that this song became rotten, like all speeches not backed up by arguments.

The interests of the market and the real situation in the economies of the European Union and the United States brought the truth to the surface of the financial ocean. It turned out that the alternative euro sung by everyone was not as strong as described in the myths and legends of the cycle “Lugged the dollar”.

The fall from 1.51 was even more dynamic. After all, disappointment and the top below the previous very serious catalysts for the people’s masses engaged in foreign exchange markets. Even the most ardent fanatics of the European Union began to think about realities. Later it turned out that the indicators of EU-Strax economies are not so beautiful. Further, the market included his favorite music that inflams any convenient fact for the good of a new trend. The rest was a matter of technology.