Hemp – what is it, features of the process

The owners of houses built from logs or bars are probably known what a hemp is. And if you have never made a hemp since you built a house or a bathhouse from a log house, then this is right, but only if 9 months have not passed since the completion of construction. But external finishing work must be carried out after the hemp. It is worth noting that if the work on piercing is carried out correctly, then the heat of the house will be well stored in the winter period, and you can save on heating, because most often the houses from the log house are equipped with separate heating systems, or even stoves, and heat the heat in the house In this case – considerable work. The hemp is divided into two varieties. One of them is primary, the second is the final.

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The primary hemp of a wooden house is worth taking care of the assembly of the house from the log house. Thermal insulation material in this case is laid in each row of logs. The material here can serve as moss, pack or jute canvas. And now, after an expiration of 8 to 12 months, you can start a hemp, which will be final. First you need to refuel the material that remained after the initial hemp. A certain semblance of a roller is formed from it and pushed with a special tool into the grooves that were formed by logs. The material that remained after the initial hemp may not be enough, then an additional insulation should be taken.