Grout for tiles: how to choose material

Laying tiles is the most common way of interior decoration in rooms such as a bathroom or toilet. Properly laid tiles will provide reliable wall protection from intensive moisture effects and provide an elegant appearance from the room. Grouting tiles is the last stage of laying. This is necessary for the following reasons. Firstly, filling the joints will prevent the penetration of dirt and moisture under the coating. Secondly, the grout will prevent the effect of the thermal expansion of the tile on its holding coating. Thirdly, over time, the seams lose their original color, since the material of the fixer is destroyed under the influence of moisture. High -quality grout is much more stable, therefore, the aesthetic type of seams will last much longer. When choosing, first of all, it is necessary to determine the thickness of the stitches of the tile, since the mixtures for seams of different widths differ in composition and principle of action. Grout for tiles for narrow seams is a mixture of cement and adhesion additives. After hardening, the mixture is shrinking, so it cannot be used for wide seams. For a wide seam, mixtures are needed with the addition of sand or a mixture on a silicone basis. Carefully relate to the color scheme of the chosen mixture. When applying the mixture, it is necessary to prepare it in strict accordance with the instructions. It is best to apply the mixture with a rubber spatula, trying to apply only the amount of the mixture that is needed to fill the seam. Pay special attention to the mixture immediately after applying. It can be subjected to excessive shrinkage due to rapid water sorption with tiles. Then it is necessary to apply another layer of the mixture. After the mixture is fixed in the seam, it is necessary to carefully remove its excess with a sponge moistened in warm water. Having brought the seams to the required state, it is necessary to leave the mixture for drying. After remove the settled plaque. Grouting tiles-monotonous, but responsible work, since inaccurate imposition of the mixture can lead to damage to the entire aesthetic type of tile, which is why sometimes you have to shift at least a damaged area. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out this procedure for qualified specialists.