Green roof: Features on how to do it with your own hands

The crisis is a thing of the past, and the growth rate of mass construction begins to grow again, it fully applies to private buildings. Like production growth, this cannot but affect the state of the environment.

Existing, at the moment, technologies make it possible to fill in the loss of ecology in a huge metropolis. The use of these technologies makes it possible to realize the most daring ideas of architects and designers into reality.

More and more often using new technologies in construction, green roofs are arranged on the roofs of new buildings. Similarly, green roofs can be created on the roofs of old buildings. For this, it is only necessary to slightly change the existing roof structure.

On the roofs of buildings, in addition to the lawn, you can create a recreation area equipped with both fountains and arbors and other elements of landscape design.

The development of roof landscaping technologies allows you to break the garden on the roof of almost any building. It must be borne in mind that the thickness of the layer of green roof sometimes reaches 50 centimeters. Together with the weight of plants (herbal cover, shrubs, flowers), the total weight of such a roof reaches 100 kilograms.

If the standard version of the roof landscaping is used (only low-growing herbaceous plants are used), then the weight of one square meter of roof, with a thickness of 10 centimeters, does not exceed 60-70 kg.

Even if the roof slope angle reaches 40-45 degrees, it can be successfully designed with green roof. Using a special selection of varieties of perennial plants, it can be achieved that the roof will not require additional service. She will grow and develop independently.

Perfectly complement the living green roof system of landscaping the facade. For a flat roof, it is recommended to use a system of internal drainage, for a pitched roof, a system of drainage of the external.

The proposed information may be useful in the work of both a novice and an experienced specialist in the field of interior design.