Glass mosaic: distinguishing features of the finish

The building materials market is filled with new solutions and do not leave indifferent even the most capricious consumers. Glass mosaic acquires a wonderful reputation. In more and more, mosaic compositions finish their homes and apartments, giving luxury and originality to the interior. I must say that a mosaic is a rather ancient art, but, despite this, a number of glasses in the modern world have a number of advantages that would like to mention. The advantages that mosaic have, neither ceramics nor even the stone have. Glass, as you know, the material is incorrect and wear -resistant, with a water absorption coefficient equal to zero. It is thanks to this that the mosaic is used for facing work in bathrooms, pools and other rooms with high humidity. And such a property of this material as

Glass mosaic

heat resistance, makes it possible to withstand glass with a temperature of up to 150 ° C, which allows the use of mosaic for cladding furnaces and fireplaces. At the same time, the glass withstands well and the action of low temperatures for a long time. This is evidenced by the facades of profitable houses, which were made at the end of the XIX-XX century by the mosaics of Shekhtel and Vrubel and preserved to this day. To date, the most common material for the manufacture of glass mosaics is Venetian glass. This material has established itself with its durability, frost resistance, heat resistance, water resistance and impact resistance. The color palette of glass mosaics is almost limitless. In order to get a certain color, such additives as cadmium, boron, selenium, mother -of -pearl, adventurine and many others are added to the glass even in the production process. That is, the product is not covered with a certain color only on its surface, but it consists entirely of the material of this color, which means that over time the color will not be executed from the surface of the product and do not exfoliate. Truly, the glass mosaic deserves to be decorated with her dwelling. Color mosaic made of glass can serve as an excellent interior item.