Garden and road borders: how to do it with your own hands

The main purpose of the border is the prevention of solid roads of roads and pedestrian tracks from destruction. As a rule, destruction begins with the extreme parts of the coatings. The second important purpose is to restrict the movement of vehicles outside the carriageway. Borders play an important role in ensuring personal safety of pedestrians T. To. reduce the risk of transporting vehicles on pedestrian paths. Borders on automobile highways are installed within settlements with intensive traffic. In cases where the level of hard coatings of roads below the level of the earthen strip of the drive, borders are installed without fail. Here the borders have a dual role. On the one hand, prevent the destruction of the hard coating, on the other hand, exclude soil entering the roads. When arranging garden paths, borders are also installed, which reduce the damage of hard coatings. Garden and road curbs create the completeness of the construction of roads, devices of garden, park and household alleys. Borders are made of cement concrete of high strength. By their strength, the curbs should withstand the loads created on them by vehicles. Given the fact that the curbs are constantly in open spaces, they should not collapse as much as possible under the influence of atmospheric phenomena. To eliminate displacements, borders must have a large weight and the necessary sizes. Borders are manufactured by plants and commercial enterprises of the standard sizes and shapes designed for their installation on roads, pedestrian paths and alleys. This is a rectangular product that has a bevel of the working side within 10-15 degrees. Have a length of 1 m, 1.5 m, 3 m. Width 200 – 300 mm. Height from 80 mm to 290 mm. Currently gained widely used granite stone. They differ in their strength and resistance to difficult operating conditions. Garden and road borders made of granite stone have a long service life. Give colorful roads and alleys due to the presence of their natural colors.