Frame partitions: how to build yourself

Frame structures are considered the most economical. They are simply mounted, while providing the best sound – and thermal insulation, when compared with simple plank. Installation of this type of partition always begins with a strapping – this is a horizontal part of the frame wooden walls. It is the lower (mounted on the floor), upper (installed on the ceiling).

The cross -section of the frame binding intended for a wood partition should be 50*100 millimeters. Next, we will describe in short, how to correctly and in stages creates a frame partition. We hope that you can do such a task.1. You need to draw lines on the surface of the ceiling and floor, which mark the position of the upper and lower binding.2. Next, you need to install the strapping strictly according to those marks, attaching it with crutches.3. Mark the location of the frame. They are usually located every 0.5-1 meters. The height of such racks is equal to the distance between these strands.4. Then you need to fix the racks with spikes or nails.5. If there is a need to install the door box, then fix it on these racks. A good option is also ACEID from trusted manufacturers.6. Start the lining of one side of the frame with slightly chopped boards (their width is 10-15 centimeters), placing them horizontally, perform the cladding from the lowest binding.7. Start the finish and the second side. Gradually bringing the casing to 50-80 centimeters, sprinkle the insulating layer (slag with the addition of sawdust or gypsum in its pure form). Then prepare backfill with such proportions: part of the gypsum strictly on 3-5 parts of this slag. Slowly, add water to the mixture when the composition is no longer sprinkled in your hands, then begin to tamp the insulating layer inside the frame.8. Step by step, build up the skin in combination with the laying of additional insulation.9. Well moistened packley in a gypsum solution, fill the gap between the ceiling and the backfill surface. Remember that wood is flammable material. If you plan to hide the wiring inside it, then lay a strip of non -combined asbestos from the place of contact from the surface of the tree.