Frame-chipboard: what is

Like everything new, frame-chief construction is gaining more and more popularity in the niche of rapidly vested buildings. This is understandable, because this type of construction has many advantages. Bribes low cost, speed of the structure, small consumption of building materials, as well as a long service life (25-100 years). Light frame metal structures are easy to assemble, since this can be done right on the construction site using several workers. Recently, they often choose shelves in the nursery. They are cheap. Small weight allows you to save on complex construction equipment. Only the simplest mechanization will be enough. The same qualities are applicable to sandwich panels, because for their rise there are also enough winch and simple block mechanism. Frame-chipboard is a new step in the world of erecting residential buildings. The construction of strong and light buildings takes 4-8 times less time. Construction is incredibly economical and do not even reach half of the amount that will be needed to build a similar structure from traditional building materials. All products are of high quality, meet the standards and quickly connect to each other. Without overhaul, the frame-shchtovite structure will last from 25 years. It is very simple to repair such buildings, it is enough to replace individual blocks, parts, sections of the building. Thus, the frame-chipper construction has a lot of plus and one of the most competitive in the market.