Fontini sockets and switches: what are

In the search for its market niche, Fontini (Spain) opted for product design in the style of “Retro”. Having started work in 1955 with a small workshop, today the company has three production complexes that specialize in certain types of products. In Russia, the company has become known with the show at the Elektro-2004 exhibition.

In the structure of the assortment of the company, the main distinguishing features of Fontini brand products can be distinguished:

Ceramic housing of the overhead switch or socket (faience, black plastic or metal).

Tolerant or rotary type of switch.

Fontini sockets and switches always protrude above the surface of the wall, joining the texture of the interior and emphasizing it. These archaic, according to today’s ideas about design, elements attract and touch their naivety and lack of pretentiousness. However, the quality of the manufacture of all parts is in full accordance with the standards of Europe and the world.

The catalog of the HomeLectro website presents the main models of electrical equipment of the Fontini series with characteristic features:

Venezia – overhead swivel and toggle switch switching switching mechanisms. They differ in the shape of a decorative lining, which can play the role of the switch body: oval – an oval overlap with a color of wood or shades of ivory; Metall, Carre – rectangular overlays different in size and texture; Toscana – a small toggle switch with a round base.

Colonial – laconic in color and shape, rotary switch.

Garby – a turning switch in the style of the beginning of the last century acting with a ceramic or plastic black case. Handle of wood switch or ceramics.

Dimbler – a toggle switch with rounded shapes.

The company produces switch blocks (up to 5 pieces in the unit) and combined blocks (switch+outlet).

Behind the primitivism of the forms of switches and sockets of Fontini, a well -thought -out color scheme, proportionality of forms, ease of use and complete compliance with the safety requirements of the IEC are hidden.

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