Fiberglass reinforcement: what is

Constantly developing cities require new buildings. Each year, thousands of new houses, bridges, enterprises are being built in the world. And in each construction, concrete and reinforcement are involved, what any buildings are kept on.

In a modern constantly changing world, scientists find new methods and technologies for improving production. So the fiberglass reinforcement was developed, designed for the same as the ordinary iron. The production of such reinforcement is based on compositional material, but not steel in any way. And this gives many advantages. Such reinforcement is much more resistant to aggressive environments and practically not corrosion. She is very flexible, is not afraid of temperature changes and retains all its qualities at fairly low temperatures. She also does not conduct heat and is often used for work in sea water.


The material that underlies fiberglass reinforcement is called glass -water. The fibers of this material are impregnated with epoxy resins, then placed in a special device where the reinforcement is given the shape and the necessary diameter. Thus, reinforcement can be produced by different calibers, adjusting to each client.

Specialists who develop fiberglass reinforcement Voronezh will produce the amount of material that you will need. This is a great choice, because such reinforcement has many advantages. It does not change properties even under the influence of an electromagnetic field, its life is much more than that of an iron analogue, and it is also economical. Such reinforcement can be used in almost any conditions.